Understanding Your Program Curriculum

In your acceptance email you may have noticed that you were accepted to a specific curriculum (ex: General, Business, Economics, Gallatin Fashion, Physics, etc.) and you might be wondering what that means?

Basically, that’s the area of interest that you selected on your application and it helps us with our planning purposes. While in most cases there isn’t a specific “curriculum” per se, we do expect that given your indicated interest, you will register for at least one course in that concentration.

For example, if you chose General Curriculum, we anticipate you will take a variety of courses across subjects. However, if say, you chose the Economics curriculum, we anticipate you intend to take at least one Economics course as part of your 12-18 credits while studying away.

All students at NYU Florence are required to enroll in at least one Italian language course.

As a reminder, the Global Fashion in Florence program requires enrollment in the following two courses: History of Italian Fashion and Global Fashion Industry: Italy. The NYU Office of Global Programs will register you for these courses. You will be able to register for additional courses/electives at your designated registration time.

If you believe you were accepted into a particular curriculum in error, please email me so I can update your account to the correct academic track. Although we cannot guarantee a spot in any one course for students (flexibility is key), this is used to plan for registration.


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