Meet Your Florence Global Ambassador: Nicole!

School: CASnicole-johnson
: Politics
Semester Away:  Spring 2016

What was the most interesting course you took?
I really enjoyed my Italian Politics course! Italian politics is incredibly complex(and entertaining) and it’s not something that has really come up in politics classes I’ve taken in America. There are so many aspects of European politics as a whole that I was never exposed to before Florence and I’m glad that I can now feel like I’m a more informed global citizen.

What local resource did you use to learn more about the city?
I was a student intern at La Pietra Dialogues, which brings leaders in policy, business and the arts to NYU Florence to discuss the issues important to them and to NYU Students. LPD offered interns, and the NYU Florence community as a whole, lots of opportunities to learn more about the lesser-known aspects of Florence, such as the city’s quite vibrant contemporary art scene.

What is your favorite memory about your time in Florence?
My favorite memory was my last night in Florence. My roommates and I went up to Piazzale Michelangelo, watched the sunset, and talked about our semester. It was an incredibly bittersweet night because we were excited to go home, but also knew that one of the best adventures of our lives thus far was coming to an end.

What advice would you give newly admitted students?
Go into it with an open mind! I lived in an apartment, and I had concerns about not knowing my apartment-mates, as well as about living in the city center as opposed to on campus. However, I quickly fell in love with my apartment, roommates, and area of the city and I was so sad to leave Via Ghibellina when the semester was over.

Questions for Nicole and our other Global Peer Mentors? Email to get in touch!


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