Meet Your Global Peer Mentor: Stephanie!

School: CAScoxon-stephanie_florence
: Linguistics
Semester Away:  Spring 2016

What was the most interesting course you took?
I fell in love with learning Italian. It’s such a beautiful language and I am absolutely determined to become fluent. 10/10 recommendation for Marco Del Rocca, lui è un meraviglioso professore!

If there’s one thing students should know about the city, it is:
That you should eat as much gelato as you can while you are there. It’s so cheap compared to the places in Manhattan, so take advantage while you are there!!! Someone once told me that if you eat the fruit flavors, it counts towards the daily recommended amount of 5 servings. Have no shame. Gelato is good for the soul.

What two things do you wish you had packed?
Mosquito repellent and a carry-on suitcase that satisfies RyanAir’s size restrictions (check their website for more details!)

What advice do you have for students about to apply for housing?
I lived in an off-campus apartment, which was absolutely wonderful, especially because most of them are located near the city center, right down the street from the Duomo. However, I had to be really persistent when practicing my Italian with strangers, i.e., when ordering food, giving directions, asking for help, etc. So if you want to really immerse yourself in the language, then live in a homestay! I feel that if I had lived in a homestay, I would have been able to practice my Italian a lot more. Everyone I know who lived in a homestay loved it!

What advice would you give newly admitted students?
Eat more gelato. But on a more serious note, I’d definitely recommend getting started on your visa application ASAP. Go to the Office of Global Services and ask if it’s for you best to apply through NYU’s group processing, or to apply individually. (It can vary depending on a lot of things.) If you’re applying individually, book an appointment at the Italian consulate in NY ASAP– as soon as you’re admitted and commit to going. Regardless of how you apply, gather your application materials months in advance, check with the Florence representative at OGS to make sure you have everything. Just get everything prepared as early as possible, and don’t be afraid to seek help and ask questions to double check! It will make things a lot less stressful. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until two weeks before your appointment like I did!

Questions for Stephanie and our other Global Peer Mentors? Email to get in touch!


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