Group Processing for the Italian Consulate in New York Passports are ready!

If you participated in group processing for the Italian Consulate in New York through NYU, your passport is now ready to be picked up or mailed out! If you are in the New York area, please come to the StudentLink Center at 383 Lafayette Street. The hours are Monday, Tuesday,  Friday from 9am-5pm; Wednesday, Thursday from 9am-6pm. Tell the StudentLink representatives that you are picking up your passport and Italian visa for NYU Florence. Bring your NYU Student ID for identity confirmation.

If you are outside of the New York area, we will mail your passport to you. If you provided an envelope with your application, please email to confirm your full mailing address. If you did not provide an envelope and would like OGS to mail your passport, please email to let us know and we will provide you with a link to purchase a mailing label.

Please note: The StudentLink Center will close for the holidays on December 23 at 4pm and will remain closed until January 3 at 9am. Please pick up your passport or contact OGS to have it mailed to you before December 23.


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