Important Information Regarding your Permesso di Soggiorno

After you arrive in Florence, you will need to obtain a Permesso di Soggiorno (permit of stay).

Applied for visa individually:
If you submitted your visa application on your own, you must upload a copy of any original application material returned to you by the consulate and then bring the materials listed below with you to NYU Florence. This step is extremely important.

Materials for Permesso di Soggiorno:

  • All original materials returned by consulate at the time of your appointment OR while picking up your passport/visa at the end of the process (Each consulate handles this differently, but the documentation will likely be some mixture of the materials you submitted as part of your application, stamped with consulate seal)
  • Three photocopies of your signature/photo page of your passport
  • Four photocopies of your visa
  • Four 2”x2” passport style photos

Applied for visa through Group Processing:
If you submitted your visa application through Group Processing, OGS will upload a copy of your stamped documents from the Italian Consulate to our database for you. OGS will also make copies of your visa and passport pages. You will receive these documents with your passport when it is ready to be picked up at StudentLink. Please bring these documents and four 2”x2” passport style photos with you to NYU Florence.


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